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Post  Smeet on Mon May 02, 2011 11:57 am

Are you an experienced poker player looking for a way to maximize your earnings and reach your full potential? ConnectPoker is offering experienced online poker players the opportunity to work together. We are currently recruiting online poker players for the chance to receive a 100% stake with all winnings split 50/50.

If you are experienced online poker player, working directly with ConnectPoker and our investment team provides you with the opportunity to reach a greater standard of play. We stake our associates at some of the highest levels available, giving you the chance to show us just how successful you can become.

Right now we are looking for players who have shown a history of success for the following games and levels:

SNG players who are currently winning at $10 - $20

To take part you should apply here http://connectpokerplayers.com/join.html

Applications are being reviewed within 5 business days.


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